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Compound crusher

Compound crusher

Processing capacity: 5-100㎜

Production capacity: 5-100t / h

Applicable materials: quartz stone, marble, limestone, limestone, slag, dolomite, coal gangue, cement clinker, etc.

Application scope: secondary or tertiary crushing in sand and gravel yard, concrete sand making, dry powder mortar, power plant desulfurization, cement, ceramics and other industries.

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Product Introduction

    The compound crusher is a new type of fine crushing and coarse grinding stone crusher developed by Henan Redstar senior engineer combining advanced technology of similar crushers at home and abroad, optimizing main technical parameters and improving structural characteristics according to actual conditions and user needs. . It has outstanding advantages such as stable operation, large crushing force, large output, good particle size of the finished product, small abrasion amount, low energy consumption, good sealing performance and convenient maintenance.


    Application of compound crusher

    This series of crushers are mainly used for fine crushing of limestone, clinker, coal and other ores in the building materials, mining, metallurgy, and chemical industries. Fine crushing of medium-hard materials such as coal gangue and phosphate ore is particularly suitable for the processing and crushing of artificial sand such as hard limestone, dolomite, granite, basalt or highway pavement materials. Its compressive strength does not exceed 140 MPa and humidity does not exceed 15%.

    Working principle of compound crusher (composite crusher)

    The lump ore falls from the feeding hopper to the upper smashing tray in the upper crushing chamber. With the centrifugal force of the smashing tray, the material is thrown to the inner wall of the cylinder, and it collides violently with the impact plate installed on the inner wall. Make it broken or produce a large number of hairline cracks. After the material enters the conical rotor cavity, it falls in a spiral shape in the conical space. After stamping and extrusion, the cracked ore is further broken. Due to the inclination between the conical rotor and the lining plate, the smaller materials are caused to migrate downward, and the classification and crushing are automatically achieved from large to small. The material is hit by the hammer in the conical rotor cavity, the high-speed running block collides with the impact plate again, and the material flow collides with each other, so that the material is crushed by the impact, impact, shear and extrusion surface, thereby improving the crushing efficiency.

    Performance advantages of compound crusher

     Large processing volume

    The design of the compound crusher hammer has changed the previous hammer connection method, and a rigid connection method is adopted. During work, the inertia of the rotor is used to impact the material, which not only achieves the effect of crushing, but also obtains a large speed and function, which improves the throughput of the equipment.

     Less damage to accessories

    The new hammer head structure design of the compound crusher (composite crusher) discards the traditional monolithic structure design and adopts a combined structure design, which is more conducive to hammer crushing of the material, greatly improves the service life of the hammer head, and is also effective. Reduced production costs and reduced equipment downtime.

     Environmental protection and energy saving

    The compound crusher (compound crusher) has a compact structure, light weight, and small volume. The equipment is equipped with a dust-proof plate inside, which has good sealing performance. It avoids the splashing of fine materials after crushing, less dust, low working noise, and effective improvement. The working environment at the construction site.

     High sand production rate

    Its unique structure and production method make it very high sand production rate, especially the 800 and 1000 models of sand production rate is very high, although there is no purlin, but the output granularity is very fine, the sand production plant is not high, It can make sand directly, only those with higher requirements are equipped with screening machines.

    Which is the best crusher

    Since the compound crusher is so good, there are many users who naturally use this equipment, and there are many manufacturers producing this kind of equipment on the market. Many users are picky, so which one is better? Here are some points for good equipment manufacturers to have, and you will not suffer after understanding.

    One: large manufacturers, generally large-scale manufacturers are relatively strong, the production technology, technology, etc. are relatively mature, and the quality of the equipment produced is reliable.

    Second: the old manufacturers, the reason why the old manufacturers will become the old manufacturers, has gone through various tests, we can learn from the past users from all aspects of the situation of the manufacturers.

    Third: Direct-sale manufacturers, the prices of direct-sale manufacturers' equipment are much cheaper than those bought by a few dealers, and general direct-sale manufacturers do a good job after sales.

    Users come to Machine Manufacturer to inspect the compound crusher

    The above are the points that a good compound crusher equipment manufacturer should have. You can go to a few more comparisons. Of course, here is a Henan Red Star machine manufacturer that meets the above points. It is a 40-year-old factory. There are now three production bases, and they are factory direct sales. The equipment is guaranteed for one year. The feedback from users who have used the Red Star machine is very good. And Henan Red Star supports users to inspect the equipment in various aspects, you can visit the user site and bring materials. Test machine, users who want to buy a compound crusher, may wish to visit the Henan Machine Manufacturer.

    Compound crusher quote

    There are various types of compound crushers, both sometimes producing a few tons and sometimes a hundred tons, so its price is also tens of thousands, and there are 300,000 to 400,000. The smaller the general model, the lower the output and the price. The lower, so how much the specific price is, you still have to choose according to your selection. If you want to get a specific quote, you can consult the Red Star machine manufacturer for free. A professional technical manager will select and quote for you according to your test situation.

Specification Processing Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kw)
800 5-15 4p 30kw
1000 10-30 4p 55kw
1250 20-60 6p 90kw
1500 30-80 8p 110kw
1750 40-100 8p 160kw
Specification Processing Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kw)
800 5-15 4p 30kw
1000 10-30 4p 55kw
1250 20-60 6p 90kw
1500 30-80 8p 110kw
1750 40-100 8p 160kw
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