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Wind swept coal mill

Wind swept coal mill

Feed size: <25 <

Production capacity: 3-40t / h

Applications: cement building materials, thermal power generation, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, etc.

Applicable materials: fly ash, lignite, coal, pulverized coal, coal gangue, etc.

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Product Introduction

    The air-swept coal mill is mainly composed of a feeding device, a main bearing, a slewing part, a transmission device, a feeding device, a high-pressure starting device, and a lubrication system. It is used to grind and dry various hardness materials. It is widely used in cement building materials and firepower. Power generation, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, industrial boiler, ceramic products, fertilizer industry, etc.


    Wind swept coal mill picture

    Working principle of air-swept coal mill

    First of all, the raw materials are loaded into the mill from the feed through the feeding equipment, and the hot air enters the mill through the air inlet pipe. With the rotation of the mill cylinder, coal and hot air are exchanged in the mill, and the coal is crushed and ground in the mill. At the same time as the coal block is crushed, the special induced draft fan passes the mill's discharge device to bring the pulverized coal powder and gas out of the mill together, and the coarser particles will return to the return screw of the discharge device to the Grind again in the grinding chamber.

    Performance advantages of air-swept coal mill

    1. Reliable operation, continuous operation and large production capacity;

    2. Optimize the support system, improve the lubrication structure, and reduce system resistance;

    3. Reduce power consumption per unit and save 20-30% of power consumption;

    4. Reasonably allocate the length of steel balls and cylinders to increase production by 15% -25%;

    5. Adopting new material lining board, which increases wear resistance, prolongs the service life of the lining board, and reduces the number of replacements of the wearing parts of the equipment;

    6. The feeding device adopts the louver structure of oblique inlet wind, which enhances the heat exchange capacity of the mill and can effectively prevent the blockage of the coal mill inlet.

Spec. (m)Item Φ1.7×2.5 Φ2.2×4.4 Φ2.4×4.75 Φ2.4×4.5+2 Φ2.6×5.25+2.25 Φ2.8×5+3 Φ3.0×6.5+2.5 Φ3.2×6.75+2 Φ3.4×6+3 Φ3.8×7+2.5
Speed(r/min) 24.5 22.4 20.4 20.4 19.7 18.3 18.3 16.9 17.5 16.4
Capacity(t/h) 3-5 8-9 12-14 11-12 13-14 16-17 19-20 25-30 28-30 38-40
Feeding Size(mm) <25 <25 <25 <25 <25 <25 <25 <25 <25 <25
Grinding Media Loading(t) 7.5 20 22 22.5 28 32 43 50 55 80
Main Reducer ZD40 ZD60 ZD60 ZD60 ZD70
JDX560 JDX710 MBY800
Main Motor(kw) 95 250 280 315 400 500 630 710 800 1250
Weight(t) 29 46 54 76 98 107 124 148 162 215
Spec.(m) Item Capacity
Feeding Size
Φ1.7×2.5 3-5 <25
Φ2.2×4.4 8-9 <25
Φ2.4×4.75 12-14 <25
Φ2.4×4.5+2 11-12 <25
Φ2.6×5.25+2.25 13-14 <25
Φ2.8×5+3 16-17 <25
Φ3.0×6.5+2.5 19-20 <25
Φ3.2×6.75+2 27-29 <25
Φ3.4×6+3 28-30 <25
Φ3.8×7+2.5 38-40 <25
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