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Slag mill

Slag mill

Main motor: 245-2000KW

Production capacity: 3-35t / h

Applicable materials: quartzite, cinder, slime, copper ore, hard rock, hematite, pyrite, lime, cobblestone, high alumina porcelain, kaolin and other materials.

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Product Introduction

    The slag mill is the key equipment for slag grinding before re-grinding. It is mainly used in slag powder production industry and cement grinding station. After a long period of exploration and summary in the design and production process, our company has formed chemical slag grinding equipment of different specifications, which can meet the production of 3-35t /h slag powder, can be used for concrete admixtures, and can significantly reduce engineering. Cost, increase the compressive, tensile, shear and flexural strength of concrete.


    This product is mainly suitable for the grinding of granulated blast furnace slag; it can also be used for the grinding of cement raw materials and clinker. It is also characterized by stable quality and high yield.

    Working principle of slag mill

    When the grinding machine barrel is driven to rotate by the transmission device, the grinding body rotates with the lining plate attached to the inner wall of the grinding machine body due to the effect of inertia centrifugal force. After being brought to a certain height, it can fall freely by the action of gravity At this time, the grinding body crushes the materials in the simplified Chinese. At the same time, the grinding body has a cyclic movement of rising and falling in the rotating mill, which causes sliding and rolling, which causes the grinding action between the grinding body, the liner and the material to be ground. Material is finely ground.

    Slag grinding performance advantages

    1. Conical grinding roller and surface grinding disc are used, with simple structure, low wear, long life of easy-to-grind parts, and easy installation, adjustment and maintenance.

    2. The pressurization adopts an elastic hydraulic system, which has stable output, low vibration and low noise.

    3. The specially designed limit mechanism can ensure that the grinding roller and the grinding disc are not rigidly contacted to reduce vibration and wear.

    4. A new generation of high-efficiency cage-type powder separator is adopted, and the frequency conversion speed regulation fully guarantees the fineness of the finished product.

    5. The slag mill adopts high-precision sieving and milling technology, built-in double-layer compartment device with special structure, active liner and tailing discharge device to meet customers' requirements for grinding fineness.

    6. The inside of the cylinder adopts a new class lining board, and the micro-abrasive body is used to grind and grind the materials highly linearly, so as to achieve a higher production capacity.

    7. The equipment performance is stable, which can greatly reduce the power consumption of the comprehensive grinding and save costs for customers.

Speed(r/min) Feeding Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Griding Media
Main Motor
Main Reducer Weight
Ф1.83×7.0 23.8 <20 3~5 22 245 ZD60 43.5
Ф1.83×9.5 24.1 <20 5~7 31 355 ZD70 56
Ф2.2×9.5 21.5 <20 8~10 41 475 ZD70 74
Ф2.2×11 21.5 <20 10~12 50 570 ZD80 109
Ф2.4×11 20.3 <20 12~14 57 630 ZD80 116
Ф2.4×13 20.3 <20 14~16 68 800 MBY710 138
Ф2.6×11 19.7 <20 15~16 69 800 MBY710 138
Ф2.6×13 19.7 <20 16~18 82 1000 MBY800 158
Ф3.0×12 18.2 <20 18~20 100 1250 MBY800 182
Ф3.0×13 18.2 <20 21~23 108 1400 MBY900 190
Ф3.2×13 17.8 <20 25~27 128 1600 MBY1000 230
Ф3.2×14 17.8 <20 28~30 138 1800 MBY1000 249
Ф3.5×13 17.3 <20 32~35 156 2000 JS130-A 275
Feeding Size(mm)
Ф1.83×7.0 <20 3~5
Ф1.83×9.5 <20 5~7
Ф2.2×9.5 <20 8~10
Ф2.2×11 <20 10~12
Ф2.4×11 <20 12~14
Ф2.4×13 <20 14~16
Ф2.6×11 <20 15~16
Ф2.6×13 <20 16~18
Ф3.0×12 <20 18~20
Ф3.0×13 <20 21~23
Ф3.2×13 <20 25~27
Ф3.2×14 <20 28~30
Ф3.5×13 <20 32~35
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