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HGM fine powder mill

HGM fine powder mill

Feed size: 20-40㎜

Finished product size: 0.25-0.015㎜

Production capacity: 1.3-40t / h

Application fields: calcium carbonate crushing processing, gypsum powder processing, gravel yard, concrete mixing station, power plant desulfurization, non-metal ore milling, coal powder preparation

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Product Introduction

    HGM fine powder mill is also called "fine powder mill". It is based on more than 20 years of research and development experience of grinding equipment in our company's scientific research institute. According to the actual situation of users using the grinding equipment for many years, the needs of the development of the milling industry , Absorb advanced domestic and foreign advanced grinding technology and concept, and develop new products with advanced technology level with great concentration. This machine is mainly suitable for processing various non-flammable and explosive mineral materials with Mohs hardness level below 9.3 and humidity below 7%. It is a calcium carbonate crushing process, gypsum powder processing, power plant desulfurization, and non-metallic ore milling. , Ideal for pulverized coal preparation.


    HGM fine powder mill working principle

    When the HGM fine powder mill works, the main motor drives the main shaft and the turntable to rotate through the reducer, and the roller pins on the edge of the turntable drive dozens of grinding rollers to roll in the grinding ring raceway. The material is scattered to the periphery of the circle under the action of centrifugal force, and falls into the rolling ring of the grinding ring. It is impacted, rolled, and ground by the ring roller. After three layers of processing, the powder is turned into a powder. Suction into the machine, and bring the crushed material into the powder separator. The rotating impeller inside the classifier makes the coarse material fall back and grind. The fine powder that meets the requirements enters the cyclone powder collector and is discharged through the discharge valve at the lower part of the separator. The airflow with a small amount of fine dust passes through The pulse precipitator is discharged through a fan and a muffler after purification.

    3D drawing of HGM fine powder mill construction

    HGM fine powder mill performance advantage

     1. High abrasion resistance and long service life

    The core components of the HGM fine powder mill are made of high-performance wear-resistant alloy material, which has high wear resistance and saves costs. It can also effectively extend the service life of the HGM fine powder mill.

     2. Advanced structure and high degree of automation

    The HGM fine powder mill has an advanced structure and uses high-density blades to reduce airflow resistance and increase the fineness and output of powder selection. The frequency-converting and speed-adjusting analysis machine is more accurate in regulation, more energy-saving, has a fine material sorting effect, and has a high degree of automation.

     3. Energy saving and environmental protection, cost effective

    The use of soft connections and rubber pads can effectively reduce vibration, avoid the impact of the vibration in the grinding chamber on the analyzer, improve analysis accuracy, reduce noise, and improve the working environment of workers, thereby effectively protecting the surrounding environment.

Model HGM88 HGM95 HGM 100 HGM120 HGM130 HGM138 HGM160 HGM175 HGM190
Feeding size(mm) <20 <25 <25 <25 <25 <25 <30 <35 <40
Finished product size(mm) 0.25-0.015 0.25-0.015 0.25-0.015 0.25-0.015 0.25-0.038 0.25-0.038 0.25-0.038 0.25-0.038 0.25-0.038
Processing capacity(t/h) 0.4-5 0.6-7 0.8-10 1.2-15 1.6-21 2-25 2.7-28 3-35 5-40
Central shaft rotate speed(r.min) 167 150 142 136 105 92.5 82 75 74
Diameter of pulverizing ring(mm) 908 1006 1075 1280 1400 1510 1770 1900 2040
Number Of pulverizing roller 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 4
Main motor power(kw) 22 30 45 55 75 90 132 185 280
Fan motor power(kw) 22 30 45 75 90 110 160 200 280
Analyzer motor power(kw) 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5 22 22/30 30/45 55
Model Feeding
HGM88 <20 0.4-5
HGM95 <25 0.6-7
HGM 100 <25 0.8-10
HGM120 <25 1.2-15
HGM130 <25 1.6-21
HGM138 <25 2-25
HGM160 <30 2.7-28
HGM175 <35 3-35
HGM190 <40 5-40
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