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Desulfurization ball mill

Desulfurization ball mill

Feed size: ≤20-≤25㎜

Loading capacity: 1.5-338t

Configuration power: 18.5-4500kw

Application: Widely used in production fields such as desulfurization power plants, beneficiation, chemicals, ore mining and so on.

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Product Introduction

    Desulfurization ball mill is a kind of low-speed cylinder ball mill, which is an indispensable grinding equipment for power plant desulfurization. It mainly processes the limestone raw materials. The limestone-gypsum desulfurization method is a more commonly used desulfurization process. Wide application. The desulfurization ball mill produced by our company is at the advanced level in the industry in terms of appearance design, internal structure, casting and welding process. The finished product has a high qualification rate, stable and reliable operation, and is widely welcomed by power plant users.


    Real shot

    working principle

    The electric motor drives the small gear and large gear to reduce the speed, which in turn drives the rotary motion of the desulfurization ball mill cylinder. The cylinder is loaded with various specifications of steel balls. As a grinding medium, the steel balls have high strength and good wear resistance. For limestone materials Under the action of centrifugal and frictional forces, the steel ball is lifted along the wall of the cylinder to a certain height and falls under the effect of gravity. The heavy impact on the limestone is caused by the impact and squeezing from the steel ball and other limestone. The crushed limestone and crushed limestone are mixed with the water supplemented by the mill inlet to form a limestone slurry. Under the action of the continuously replenished limestone and water at the inlet, it continuously rolls out from the outlet of the discharge end and enters the wet mill again. The wet ground limestone enters the classifier for classification.

    Performance advantage

    1. Less maintenance time, stable operation of desulfurization ball mill, fewer failures, simple structure and less maintenance work.

    2. The hollow shaft of the desulfurization ball mill is made of cast steel, and the inner lining can be replaced. The large gear is processed by casting hobbing, which has better durability and longer life.

    3. The desulfurization ball mill adopts advanced sealing device, no dust particles are polluted during the grinding process, and a clean workshop is maintained.

    4. The equipment uses high-strength steel balls, which has a good grinding effect, more sufficient crushing and grinding, and higher economic benefits.

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