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New HVI River Pebble Sand Making Machine

New HVI River Pebble Sand Making Machine

Feed size: 30-55㎜

Production capacity: 70-585t / h

Total weight: 11.8-25.6t

Working principle: The principle of "stone hitting stone" and "stone hitting iron" can be switched freely

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Product Introduction

    River pebble, as a natural stone, is often used in building sand, especially in high-rise buildings, because it is hard, not easily corroded, and hard to weather.     River pebbles that are directly mined can rarely be used directly and must be broken to a certain degree. This requires the use of a new HVI river pebble sand making machine, which has both shaping and crushing functions     Regardless of the effect of crushing or crushed finished materials, this equipment can bring great economic benefits to investors and has investment prospects.


    New HVI river pebble sand making machine picture

    New HVI sand making machine for river pebble sand making and shaping

    Manufacturer of new HVI river pebble sand making machine

    HVI impact sand making machine delivery site

    Working principle of new HVI river pebble sand making machine

    The new HVI river pebble sand machine uses advanced selective crushing and cleavage crushing principles to directly apply sufficient kinetic energy to the river pebble and convert the kinetic energy into the crushing energy required to overcome the material by crushing. River pebble basically breaks along its natural grain surface and cleavage surface, with good grain shape and low self-consumption. This machine can realize the conversion of the two working principles of "stone hitting stone" and "stone hitting iron".

     The specific process is: the material falls into the hopper, enters the high-speed spinning wheel through the central feeding hole, and is rapidly accelerated in the wheel, its acceleration can reach tens of times the acceleration of gravity, and then at high speed Shot from the throw wheel, first colliding with another part of the material that fell freely after rebounding, and then hit the material lining (stone hitting stone) or counter block (stone hitting iron) together, and it was impacted obliquely upward by the rebound and hit the top of the vortex chamber. It also changes its direction of movement, deflects downward, and collides with the material emitted from the impeller runner to form a continuous material curtain. In this way, a piece of river pebble material is subjected to two or more impacts, frictions, and grinding and crushing in the vortex crushing cavity, and the crushed material is discharged from the lower discharge port.

    Performance advantages of the new HVI river pebble sand maker

    1. Increase the strength and toughness of the machine body to effectively reduce the occurrence of machine resonance.

    2. A variety of crushing methods are carried out to meet the different crushing needs of users, and the two crushing principles are converted, and the adaptability is greatly enhanced.

    3. The new HVI river pebble sand making machine uses a new impeller design to optimize the material flow. Under the same power, the output is 30% higher than the old sand making equipment, and the production capacity is greatly improved.

    4. The equipment parts are made of wear-resistant materials, the design of the adjustable upper and lower lining plates, and the installation of standard motors are greatly beneficial to the performance of the equipment and the service life is increased.

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