„About us”

Gimnazjum No. 3 has existed since 1999. It was established on the basis of Primary School No. 10, which was founded in 1937. For the last few years it has been housed in Toporowskiego 40.Our school is named after Janusz Korczak. He was a doctor of Jewish origin, a tutor and a guardian of orphans in Warsaw. He was also an educator and author of books for children and young people. He died together with children in the concentration camp in Treblinka in 1942.In our work, we remember that the most important value is the interest of children, their proper growth and becoming of full-fledged people. Therefore,we follow the Korczak’s words:



“Any child wants to be good,

if they can’t
if they don’t know
–explain them,
if they aren’t able to
–help them.”
Korczak with children. Statue made by Gustaw Hadyna

In our school there are 16 classes with 400 students in total. There are 42 teachers who care of their education. As a Korczak school we provide children with the possibility to learn, create their view of life and develop their interests.We teach them self-government and ability to make decisions. Guided by the ideas of the Old Doctor, we help sensitize our students to the needs of other people. Each year, we honor the memory   of our patron by organizing numerous competitions and lessons devoted to Korczak. In addition, we take part in different quizzes and sport competitions in which our students are successful.